How to Throw an Axe like a Pro? The Ultimate Guide to Axe Throwing?

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The craze for axe throwing is reverberating throughout the world, with commercial locations and chains popping up in the United States, Europe, and Canada. The rapid popularity has paved the way for the World Axe Throwing League (WATL) in 2017 to organize international competitions that are broadcast on ESPN.

Whether you want to become a throwing champion or just want to spend some fun and exciting time with your friends and partner, the first thing you need to do is learn how to throw an axe.

Axe Throwing for Beginners: Two-handed Overhead :-

  • Hold the axe firmly
  • Stand at the designated distance while facing directly in front of the bullseye
  • Hold the axe with both arms and bring it behind your head
  • Bring your arms forward and release the axe in a swift throw

Axe Throwing Tips for Beginners

We suggest you spend some time perfecting your stance without holding the axe. 

It’s important to keep a light grip, as it will make it easy for you to release the axe with utmost precision. 

For instance, if you hit the target board perfectly, you are at a perfect distance. Similarly, If the top part of the axe blade hits the board, this means it’s an overrotation. In this case, you need to adjust your distance. Meanwhile, if the axe handle hits the board, it’s under rotation, and you need to take a half step backward.

Note: Now you may have a strong urge to throw the axe with full impact. You do not need to do that, as these axes are specially designed for throwing without using a lot of force.

Axe Throwing for Professionals: One-Handed Overhead

This axe-throwing technique is similar to darts, allowing advanced players to throw with more precision. Here is a great technique from experts of axe throwing in Denver.

  • Bring the axe to the dominant side of your body
  • Keep the axe behind your head as the two-handed throw, but make sure to keep it slightly to the left or right, depending on which arm you are using
  • Then Lean a bit on your back foot
  • Throw the axe in a forward motion, releasing it at an eye level

Just like the two-handed throw, you need to hold the axe handle lightly, or else it may spin sideways. 

The Trick Shot: Underhanded Axe Throw

  • Hold the axe at the base of the handle, keeping it closer to your leg
  • Kindly ensure the blade is facing the target
  • Release the axe with a quick motion, ensure it strikes the target at one rotation

Where to Stand while Axe Throwing?

Distance matters a lot when it comes to hitting the target board. While the standard distance is to stand between 12-15 feet away from the target while practicing at home. At our venues, there will be a mark on the ground for you to stand and throw the axe. 

Is Chalking Your Hands Necessary For Axe Throwing?

Although chalking your hands before throwing an axe is not necessary, most professionals prefer it so that the axe doesn’t slip away during the release. Enthusiasts believe it to offer better control and a smoother release. If you have a slipper hand, then you can also wear gloves, but they may not provide the same gripping effects as chalk. 

In axe throwing, a fraction of a second can cost you a point. That’s why we would recommend you to chalk up your hands, allowing the axe to slide out of your grip with ease. You often see competitors and pros using chalk. It may look messy, but there is a valid reason for that. 

Get quality chalk like climbing chalk or powered chalk and apply it on your palm right at the start of your finger. Then reapply it on the other side of your hand. Now, rub your hands together ensuring the chalk has spread evenly on both hands. While playing, your hands may get sweaty. 

Join Denver’s Amateur Axe Throwing League

While the how to throw an axe properly guide is helpful for you to get started, it’s more beneficial when you do it in a real setting with the guidance of a professional at Propel Axe. Our Amateur Axe Throwing League in Denver is for newbies who want to elevate their skills in a safe and fun ambiance. Join our team for a dedicated weekly practice to become a champion and even win exciting cash prizes.