Plan Memorable Corporate Events at Propel Axe

Elevate your corporate event from mundane to extraordinary by choosing our axe-throwing venue as your unique and thrilling venue of choice. We provide an exhilarating setting where business meets adventure, creating an unforgettable experience for your team. With up to 24 axe-throwing games and the capacity to host up to 100 people, our venue is the ideal backdrop for team-building, networking, and corporate celebrations that leave a lasting impact.


Forge Team Bonds 

Break away from the conventional corporate event and foster camaraderie in a dynamic environment. Axe throwing is a team-building activity like no other, encouraging collaboration, communication, and a healthy sense of competition. Whether your team includes seasoned throwers or first-timers, our expert coaches ensure that everyone feels included, engaged, and ready to embrace the thrill of the game.

Tailored Packages for Corporate Success

Customize your corporate event with our tailored packages designed to meet your unique needs. From friendly team competitions to personalized coaching sessions, we offer a range of options that align with your corporate objectives. Our venue provides the canvas, and you have the freedom to craft an event that resonates with your team’s dynamics and goals.

Versatile Venue for Large Gatherings

With multiple throwing lanes and a spacious industrial-chic ambiance, our venue is designed to accommodate up to 100 people. Whether you’re planning a large-scale team-building experience or a corporate celebration, our versatile space ensures that everyone has the opportunity to participate in the axe-throwing excitement.

Endless Corporate Activities

Our wide range of axe-throwing games will set the stage for a corporate event that’s sure to make an impression. Choose from a diverse selection of axe-throwing games to keep the energy and engagement constant. Our selection of games caters to different skill levels, ensuring that participants of all backgrounds can enjoy an immersive and exciting experience. 

Book Your Corporate Axe-Throwing Experience

Ready to thrill your coworkers with an axe-throwing event?  Contact us to book your event and unlock the potential for team building and networking in a lively celebration. With our axe-throwing venue as your canvas, your corporate event is destined to leave a lasting impression on your team and colleagues.