Fun Team Building Activities for Small Groups

Elevate your team-building experience with the perfect blend of camaraderie and exhilaration at our axe-throwing venue. Tailored for small groups and accommodating up to 100 people, our venue offers an intimate setting where teams can bond, communicate, and strategize while engaging in up to 24 axe-throwing games.

Improve Communication and Collaboration With Team Building Adventures

Escape the ordinary with an intimate team-building experience specifically designed for small groups. Learning a new skill together and competing against each other opens up new ways for teammates to bond and get to know each other. Our venue provides the ideal setting for close-knit teams to collaborate, build trust, and enjoy a unique adventure together. Whether you’re a startup, a small department, or a tight-knit group within a larger organization, these team-building games for adults can create lasting memories.

Small Group Bonding Sessions

At Propel Axe, we specialize in breaking the ice. When your team has the chance to unwind and try something new together, they can form new bonds and get to know each other better. Our venue offers the chance to create a custom team-building event that is designed with each participant in mind. Let us know your skill level and the types of games you want to play, and we’ll handle the rest. From friendly competitions to personalized coaching sessions, the flexibility of our packages allows for a bespoke event that meets your team’s unique needs.

Axe-Throwing Games for Team Bonding

Choose from our diverse selection of up to 24 axe-throwing games, offering a range of challenges suitable for different skill levels. These games provide the perfect backdrop for team bonding, encouraging friendly competition and collaboration. Whether you’re hitting bullseyes or strategizing for the perfect throw, each game adds a layer of excitement to the team-building adventure. Regardless of your group’s size, each team member can actively participate in the axe-throwing games, ensuring an inclusive and engaging team-building experience.

A Friendly Environment and Certified Coaches

At our axe-throwing venue, we pride ourselves on working with participants of all skill levels. Even if you’ve never held an axe before, we will teach you proper throwing form and get you on your way to landing a successful hit.  Certified coaches provide comprehensive safety instructions, ensuring a secure and enjoyable experience for all team members. Small groups can focus on building connections and enjoying team-building activities, knowing that safety measures are diligently implemented.

Book Your Intimate Team Building Adventure

Ready to embark on an intimate team-building adventure with your small group? Contact us to book your event and unlock the potential for enhanced teamwork, improved communication, and a positive team spirit. Every team-building event at our axe-throwing venue will create memories that resonate within your small group.