Team Building Activities for Kids

Turn your kids’ team-building experience into an adventure they’ll talk about for years at our axe-throwing venue. Our venue offers a dynamic and safe environment where kids age 10 and older can engage in up to 24 axe-throwing games while building teamwork, communication, and resilience.

Unique Team Building Activities for Kids

Give your kids an experience they’ll remember for a lifetime with our unique team-building exercises. Our kid-friendly environment ensures that every child can enjoy an adventure that encourages teamwork and camaraderie.

At our venue, safety is our top priority. Certified coaches provide thorough safety instructions, ensuring every child feels secure and confident during team-building activities. Our coaches will teach each child to handle axes safely and follow the rules to ensure everyone can enjoy the event. 

Team Building Activities for Kids

Customized Packages for Junior Teams

Tailor the team-building games to suit your junior team’s needs with our customizable packages. Our expert coaches work closely with you to create activities that are suitable for the age group you’re working with. Tell us a little bit about your group, and we’ll be happy to set up a game that helps foster skills like collaboration and communication in a way that resonates with kids. From friendly competitions to skill-building exercises, the possibilities are endless.

Versatile Venue for Junior Gatherings

Our venue can host junior teams ranging from 4 to 100 participants. Whether it’s a birthday party, a school outing, or a youth group gathering, our venue accommodates groups of varying sizes, ensuring an inclusive and engaging team-building exercise. We also welcome you to bring snacks to the venue or set up catering with our team.

Adult Accompaniment for Safety

For kids aged 10 to 15, adult supervision is a must. Each junior participant must be accompanied by an adult, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. This approach allows parents, teachers, or guardians to actively participate and bond with the kids during the team-building activities.

Book Your Junior Team Adventure

Ready to embark on an exceptional team-building adventure for kids? Contact us to book your event and unlock the potential for enhanced teamwork, improved communication, and a positive team spirit among junior participants. With our axe-throwing venue as the backdrop, your junior team is set for an adventure that teaches valuable team-building lessons.