Test Your Skills With Our Lumber Saw Game

Lumber Saw brings the thrill of the forest to our venue. Inspired by timber sports, this game challenges participants to harness their inner lumberjack and embark on a journey of precision, power, and competitive fun. 

Join forces with a partner, forging a powerful duo as you collaborate to cleave through the mighty log as quickly as possible. Our lumber saw game tests your speed at sawing through a log, either alone or with the help of a partner. Your team can watch and cheer you on as you put your skills to the test.

Whoever saws through the log the fastest wins the game, making speed and strategy the key factors of lumber saw competitions. Unleash your potential in this team-based activity, ready to conquer the ticking clock and surpass all expectations. Where axe-throwing is based on form and precision, this game will test your speed and strength.

Try a Unique, Team-Based Axe Game

Our Lumber Saw game transforms the art of sawing lumber into a dynamic and engaging experience. The camaraderie among participants, the cheers of victory, and the satisfying thud of axes embedding into the target create an electrifying atmosphere. It’s not merely a game: it’s an immersive journey into the heart of lumberjack tradition. 

Whether you’re a seasoned lumberjack, a casual enthusiast, or throwing axes for the first time, Lumber Saw offers an exciting challenge for all skill levels. The game encourages friendly competition, strategic thinking, and a deep appreciation for the precision required in timber sports. Even when you aren’t playing, you can watch the rest of your group play, cheering on your teammates as they try their luck at Lumber Saw.

Make Memories Playing Lumber Saw

Gather your friends, embrace the rugged spirit of the forest, and let the Lumber Saw competition unfold. With each throw, you’ll score points and create lasting memories of an experience that captures the essence of lumberjack life. Are you ready to step into the world of Lumber Saw and prove your axe-wielding prowess? The challenge awaits! Contact us today to reserve your place at our venue.

Propel Axe welcomes you to spend time where fun and excitement converge, creating cherished memories. When you try Lumber Saw, prepare to be captivated by a new axe-centric game.

Propel Axe | Denver's Premium Axe Throwing Venue
Propel Axe | Denver's Premium Axe Throwing Venue



  • Owen – 6.9 seconds (St. Paul)
  • Kegan – 7.0 seconds (St. Paul)
  • Owen – 7.8 seconds (St. Paul)
  • Chris – 8.13 seconds (St. Paul)
  • Big Ed – 8.44 seconds (St. Paul)


  • Patrick & Alex – 5.69 seconds (St. Paul)
  • Jay & Jake – 7.15 seconds (St. Paul)
  • Chad & Jeff – 7.16 seconds (St. Paul)
  • Paul & Dennis – 7.56 seconds (St. Paul)
  • Tim & Adam – 7.97 seconds (St. Paul)