5 Factors to Consider Before Delving into the World of Axe Throwing

Axe Throwing at Propel Axe is a place where the ancient art of survival meets modern-day excitement and competition. If you are planning to channel your inner lumberjack and boast your precision skills to your friends, families, and colleagues.

There are certain essential factors you should consider before starting your axe throwing journey to channel your inner warrior. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a beginner, these considerations are definitely going to help you to make your axe throwing game more immersive and rewarding.

Five Essential Factors to consider for an enjoyable and safe axe throwing session :-

  • Safety is the first priority: Regardless of what sports you place, safety should always be a top priority. Our axe throwing Denver venue highly prioritizes your safety by following industry-compliant safety standards.It is mandatory to wear closed-toe shoes to protect your feet. We also provide safety gear including safety glasses, helmets, etc. depending on your unique requirements. Besides, we also enforce a safe distance between participants and the target area. There is a clear line that participants are not allowed to cross.At Propel Axe, you will always be under the supervision of our axe throwing professional, who will ensure your safety by keeping you at a safe distance.
  • Learning the Basic Skills:  Axe throwing is not rocket science, and you definitely don’t need to develop muscles for it. Although not necessary, it will help if you have the basic skills for it, especially if you are coming with an experienced group. If you have a safe setting and are supervised by a professional, you can practice your skills at home.Well, even If you are a beginner, we are more than glad to welcome you to our venue. In fact, we will assign one of our experienced coaches to teach you all the basics such as proper gripping method, stance, and throwing motion, ensuring you transform into an experienced thrower within no time.
  • The ambiance of the venue: The ambiance of an axe throwing venue sets the entire tone of the game. After all, a perfectly designed and well-decorated venue can make your gameplay more immersive, as well as help you get comfortable and socialize with fellow warriors.From proper lighting to the designated target area to beautiful lighting and decor and more, our axe throwing venue in Denver has all the essential elements to create an unforgettable axe throwing experience for you and your loved ones.
  • Check the quality of the equipment: The quality of equipment can make a whole new difference to your gameplay. We have high-quality throwing axes, specially designed for optimum accuracy and consistency. They are correctly weighed, balanced, and sharpened. Before each throw, our staff are Propel Axe will inspect the quality of the axe, ensuring it meets our stringent quality and safety standards.
  • Harness mental fortitude: Although axe throwing is usually seen as a sport that demands physical skills, it also has a strong mental component attached to it. Your success in the game lies in how you hone your focus and concentration skills as you are aiming for the bullseyes. It is also crucial for you to focus on your precision and coordination skills as you need to visualize your target while hurling axes with extreme precision. Last but not least, confidence and a positive mind-set also play a significant role as there might come a time when you start to doubt your skills

Our Venue

At Propel Axe, we are not just a venue for axe throwing, but your partner in fun and excitement. Join us for an unforgettable experience with skill development, safety, and fun in your arsenal. Whether you are planning for a group gathering, or celebrating a special occasion, we are here to take your axe throwing experience to a whole new level.